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The Urban League of Greater Chattanooga (ULGC) provides individuals with employment assistance and job training. Candidates who  seek employment assistance are placed in an Applicant Tracking System, which allows them to receive job notifications based on their individual work experience and skills.

 Click here to begin registration to enroll in the Employment and Training program to receive work related notifications, which may include future job postings, apprenticeship training opportunities, interviewing workshops, resume writing classes, or employer informational sessions

The Urban League of Greater Chattanooga (ULGC) currently partners with employers in various industries to bridge the gap between talent ready ULGC Workforce Program Participants and employers that seek provide career opportunities in both public and private sectors. In addition, we partner with employers to host Hiring Events. Our hiring events allow our partnering employers to conduct informational sessions and actively recruit for open positions within their company. Last year, ULGC was able to pre-screen and offer interviewing and resume writing workshops to approximately 1200 job seekers prior to company hiring events and job fairs conducted. 

The Urban League of Greater Chattanooga (ULGC) also offers basic computer training classes, as requested.  These training classes provides participants the opportunity to learn about Microsoft Office, internet navigation, and email setup.

Resume Building Workshops 

Every Monday and Friday 

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Urban League Soft Skills Training Course 

Soft Skills Two-week Training Course
Coming Soon
The understanding of Soft Skills is the key to job retention! 

Soft skills are the set of skills that a person should possess in order to face life’s daily challenges successfully and to positively adapt to them. Out of the 8 soft skills that all professional individuals should acquire, effective communication is most imperative and is encompassed within each universal soft skill which allows us to coexist with society and one’s self. Soft skills are the behavioral and personal characteristics that people demonstrate unconsciously and routinely. Soft skills are learned through social interaction and from day-to-day situations. To enhance one’s soft skills, one must analyze them self first, and then the ones around them. Having a clear understanding of various personality types in the workplace will yield positive professional interaction . Self-analysis being the core component of soft skills and effective communication being the workable aspect, one can demonstrate professional-interpersonal skills in every social-setting.

Thank you to our guest facilitators  
  • Dr. David Banks - The City of Chattanooga

  • Dr. Mo Baptiste - University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

  • Aaron Turnmire - Tennessee Valley Authority

  • Ron Jones - Electric Power Board

  • Laura Hessler - Blue Cross Blue Shield


 “I was very apprehensive about this class. I didn’t think I would gain any helpful information to aid in my current position. However after the first speaker Dr. David Banks, Phd., career development, I was so excited about what or who was to come with the next session. I learned how to be a professional with insight on how to best communicate with, customers, co-workers, and management. As the course goes on all the training and skills you are gaining prepares you for an interview as well as other professional engagements. I have received a job offer and with all the skill that I now have, I know it is up to me to achieve it. This the best program for any age person who is willing to do the work, take a self evaluation, and apply the skills and training to get, keep and move forward in a career or job.” 

Alaine Rivers, Chattanooga, TN. October 20, 2018

To learn more about Soft Skills and Urban League Two-week Soft Skills Program, please contact 

Brooklynn Bradley

Work Force Development

Urban League of Greater Chattanooga

Office: (423) 756-1762

Direct: (423) 551-3587

Email: bbradley@ulchatt.net


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