Center for Equity & Inclusive Leadership

Seeks to engage and empower diverse community members to promote an understanding of social and racial equity and foster inclusive leadership opportunities.

The Urban League of Greater Chattanooga launched a new Center for Equity and Inclusive Leadership (CEIL) in 2021.

The CEIL was launched with the primary goal of engaging and empowering diverse community members around social and racial equity and inclusive leadership development. The work of the ULGC’s Center for Equity and Inclusive Leadership will transform the way our community addresses racial and social inequities through policies, principles and programming to prepare for Chattanooga’s Inclusive future.

Programs and Intiatives

State of Black Chattanooga

The Urban League of Greater Chattanooga has produced its first-ever report focused on the State of the Black population in Chattanooga and Hamilton County. The goal in initiating this report is to provide a high-quality, data-driven, accessible and localized report for the benefit of public practitioners and the community at-large for a holistic picture of the disparities faced by Black residents in the areas of economics, health, education and civic involvement. We believe that a report curated reflecting the Black experience, led by a minority-serving institution will play a vital role in creating a sustained path toward addressing longstanding racial disparities in our community.

Inclusion By Design Executive Leadership (IBD) Program

Strives to create a pipeline of highly skilled women and leaders of color prepared to function successfully in an executive assignment.

ULGC Young Professionals

Young Professionals is a volunteer auxiliary of the Urban League that targets young professionals ages 21-40 to empower their communities and change lives through the Urban League Movement.

Urban League Emerge Leadership Fellows

Builds emotionally intelligent, civic-minded and strategic leaders who possess the tools and knowledge to shape a more inclusive and productive workplace.

State of Black Chattanooga 2024

Check out our annual report focused on the State of Black Chattanooga and Hamilton County in the areas of economics, education, health, and civic engagement. View the report here.

State of Black Chattanooga

Check out our inaugural report focused on the State of Black Chattanooga and Hamilton County in the areas of economics, education, health, and civic engagement. View the report here.

Advocacy Partner Spotlight

The Tennessee Alliance for Equity in Education (TAEE): Through engagement, research and collective action, the Alliance – powered by the Education Trust in Tennessee – works to expand excellence and equity in education from preschool through college, increase college access and completion particularly for historically underserved students, engage diverse communities dedicated to education equity, and increase political and public will to act on equity issues. Find out more about the work of the alliance here.

Be a Proud Urban League Voter!

We are proud to partner with CivicTN, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit civic engagement coalition that envisions a future where underrepresented communities of color, single women and young people — the rising American electorate — have a greater voice and influence in shaping state policy and choosing leaders who affect their lives.

Vote! Follow this link to find more information and get prepped for the polls.

Racial Equity Institute(REI)

REI creates racially equitable organizations and systems through training programs designed to help grow understanding and analysis of structural racism, along with its cultural and historic roots in the United States and the world.

I would highly recommend the Urban League’s Inclusion By Design program to aspiring C-Suite executives. IBD gave me tools I needed to take my leadership to the next level. I learned about myself as a leader to develop my leadership style, and I was able to widely broaden my network through the program. Also, being able to have access to an executive coach was vitally important to my success in getting into a C-Suite position.” 

– Whitney Snardon | Inclusion by Design Alumni 2022