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Young Professionals

The Urban League of Greater Chattanooga Young Professionals (ULGCYP) is an affiliate of the National Urban League Young Professionals (NULYP), a nationwide network of young professionals who provide leadership development, economic empowerment and community volunteer opportunities for other young professionals.

Members serve the community and meet the NULYP’s target service goal of 1,600 community service hours each year. The ULGCYP promotes leadership, philanthropy and career growth and holds professional and social events and monthly meetings.

Upcoming Events

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Message from our President

Hi there! My name is Larvizo Wright and I’m excited to be a part of the process to re-establish the Urban League of Greater Chattanooga-Young Professionals (ULGC-YP)! I am excited and humbled to serve as Chapter President and I look forward to growing our membership! We live, work, and play in a great place we call Chattanooga! ULGC-YP is designed for young professionals that value community service, developing themselves and others, and the occasional social networking event. This organization will focus on giving back to a city that gives so much to us! ULGC-YP will build a reputation known our ability to “elevate”. We will “elevate” our communities by being a collective force for good. We will “elevate” our members through unique development opportunities as working professionals. And we will “elevate” the voices of young people looking to be involved. We will leverage the things that make us different as a position of strength. After all each of us is like separate crayons in a crayon box where we all are unique. But when we come together and do work, the picture is complete!

Become a Member of ULGC YP 

Dues are $60 per year and include professional development opportunities, social and networking events, access to community leaders and community service opportunities. Whether you are new to the area or have lived here for a while, this is an opportunity to connect with like-minded young professionals.

Interested applicants should email any inquiries about membership to  ereid@ulchatt.net

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